Inventory Management

At the Producto Group we focus on long term customer relationships. We specialize in long-term stocking agreements and customized inventory management solutions to ensure just-in-time delivery. Our team is committed to offering cost competitive solutions and reducing lead times to support your global supply chain strategy.

We integrate Kanban inventory management programs while incorporating quality control and inspection systems at each stage of production. This approach guarantees efficient inventory management and meticulous quality checks throughout the production process. Ensuring our valued customers receive best-in-class fulfillment services.

Benefits of Blanket Orders:

  • Reduction in overall lead time
  • Long term commitment can be adapted as forecasts change
  • Minimize manufacturing downtime based on customer’s forecast
  • Consolidate purchasing requirements into a single agreement
  • Manage inventory levels
  • Quick to setup

Benefits of Kanban Programs / Long Term Stocking Agreement (LSA)

  • JIT delivery
  • Security of stable and reliable supply of products
  • Decreased unit cost
  • Cost efficiency
  • Reduces inventory at your facility
  • Streamline procurement processes
  • Flexible system – can be adapted to customer schedule changes
  • Pull system – only ships and invoiced upon customer request