A Sole Source Solution for your Most Demanding Applications

The Producto Group is a solution driven manufacturer, with highly differentiated capabilities for the medical industry, via Producto Medical, and other critical, regulated high-end markets, through Producto Precision. Virtually all of our production programs are recurring year after year and have a high degree of complexity.

Our unique, yet synergistic, Brands offer high-precision round tooling, precision machining and assembly for complex components, and heavy-gauge plastic enclosures as part of a fully integrated “One Producto” solution.

The Producto Group does not have customers, it has Partners, where its solutions are bought and not sold.

Explore more to see the true meaning of Partnership. Redefined.

Producto Medical provides high-precision round tooling, mission critical machined components, and custom plastic enclosures for applications within the medical and life sciences industry. From best-in-class injection mold tooling and precision machining to custom heavy gauge plastic enclosures for surgical robotics, Producto Medical is your trusted partner.

Producto Precision specializes in precision machining, custom heavy-gauge plastic enclosures, and precision tooling for critical, highly regulated markets ranging from aerospace & defense, electric & hybrid vehicle systems, automation & robotics, semiconductor, beverage can machined components, and more. From Swiss screw machining to small and large footprint milling to mechanical system assembly, Producto Precision has a solution for you.

For nearly a century, The Producto Group has been providing custom fulfillment solutions covering a diverse range of manufacturing industries. We integrate Kanban programs, Long Term Stocking Agreements (LSA) and blanket order strategies, while incorporating quality control and inspection systems at each stage of production to ensure our customers receive best-in-class fulfillment services.

Industry Applications

Our talented and dedicated team, paired with state of the art small and large footprint equipment, fully automated work cells, and quality assurance programs ensure consistency and repeatability on each part that we manufacture. We commit to providing you with consistent on time delivery for all your tooling, machined components, and custom plastic enclosure needs.