Producto Medical Applications

Providing customized solutions for the medical industry.

Producto Medical offers a diverse set of products to support the medical devices and life sciences markets. Among our offerings are world class injection mold tooling to support consumable medical products, catheter tooling, plastic enclosures for surgical robots, stainless steel surgical instruments for tissue repair, nitinol staples and other machined components used in non-elective minimally invasive surgical procedures. Our highly differentiated capabilities also include machined components, custom enclosures and assembly for robotic surgery and lab, pharmaceutical and operating room equipment. We also offer a diverse range of tooling products for high-speed pill and tablet production.

Medical Device & Life Sciences Tooling

The Producto Group specializes in ultra-precision injection mold tooling to support a wide variety of medical producto.comices and life sciences consumables. Utilizing our CNC Swiss turn and precision grinding capabilities, we produce complex square core pins, round core pins, ejector pins, ejector sleeves, bushings, cavities, syringe tooling and more. Durability is a hallmark of our product offering led by world class proprietary heat treating, lapping, polishing, and finishing capabilities.

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Precision Tooling

Medical Device & Life sciences Precision machining

Medical instruments are no stranger to the Producto Group. We precision machine cutters, forceps, clamps, spacers, screws, tubes, needles, components for high-speed pharmaceutical tablet production and many other surgical instruments.

Producto Medical specializes in micro machining medical components for a variety of medical applications. These can include catheters, stents and other drug delivering components.

We also serve the medical equipment and robotics market. MRI scanners, lab equipment and surgical robotic systems are some examples. These machines contain thousands of CNC machined components as well as heavy gauge plastic enclosures, all to which Producto can assemble and provide you with a one stop shop solution.

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Precision Machining

Medical Device & Life sciences Enclosures

Whether you need equipment housings, shrouds, covers, bases, bezels, or component parts, The Producto Group has a solution for a multitude of medical, pharmaceutical and biotech enclosure applications.

We pride ourselves in the ability to produce heavy-gauge plastic enclosures and covers for applications ranging from surgical robot systems, laser equipment, imaging and monitoring equipment, and everything in between.

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